The end operator must be used within an array index expression

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My output is showing "The end operator must be used within an array index expression." when I try to run this:
%15. split spectograms of background noise between the training, validation, and test sets
numTrainBkg = floor(0.85*numBkgClips);
numValidationBkg = floor(0.15*numBkgClips);
XTrain(:,:,:,end+1:end+numTrainBkg) = Xbkg(:,:,:,1:numTrainBkg);
YTrain(end+1:end+numTrainBkg) = "background";
XValidation(:,:,:,end+1:end+numValidationBkg) = Xbkg(:,:,:,numTrainBkg+1:end);
YValidation(end+1:end+numValidationBkg) = "background";
Please help me solve this..

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Accepted Answer

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 21 Jan 2022
You cannot use end in a variable that has not yet been created. Here, you are using end in the assignment to all your variables. Since they don't exist yet, you get an error. Consider this example.
The end operator must be used within an array index expression.
Perhaps you meant to do this:
numTrainBkg = floor(0.85*numBkgClips);
numValidationBkg = floor(0.15*numBkgClips);
XTrain = Xbkg(:,:,:,1:numTrainBkg);
YTrain(1:numTrainBkg) = "background";
XValidation = Xbkg(:,:,:,numTrainBkg+1:end);
YValidation(1:numValidationBkg) = "background";
I've never used it on a 4D array, but you may want to look into using cvpartition.
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Sharena Natasha Nor Hisham
Ahh I understand it now. I tried running the command you gave. And it worked! Thank you so much

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