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Can I model a flow that has liquid reactants that produces a vapor product which will give rise to two phase flow

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In the electrolysis of water to generate Hydrogen the water is electrolysed to form oxygen and hydrgen. The resulting flow will have hydrogen gas and liquid hydrogen under pressure. The two phase flow in the pipe needs to be simulated and visualised

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Pravarthana P
Pravarthana P am 15 Feb. 2022
Hi Anish Desouza, it can be understood from your query that you are looking for a feature that simulates the electrolysis of water producing the two phases(liquid and vapor) of hydrogen.
On an overview you can use the Simscape electrical library and Simscape two-phase fluid library .to build the model.
A similar example where they have electrolyzed the water to produce hydrogen using current from solar panel can be referred here.
You can use any current source of your interest, electrolyzer model as given in the example and a vapor quality sensor block from 2-phase fluid library can be used to identify the quantity of liquid, vapor and mixed hydrogen product from the electrolyzer.
The following links may be helpful in the process:

am 6 Feb. 2023
Hi Anish Desouza,I am also doing simulation related to hydrogen production by electrolysis of water and encountered similar problems.If possible, we can communicate together. My


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