how do i solve Error using CheckNetworkData (line 39) H_PARAMS must be numeric. Error in h2s (line 17) m = CheckNetwo​rkData(h_p​arams, 2, 'H_PARAMS');

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grace lim
grace lim on 18 Jan 2022
how do i solve this error?
when using h2s function
i tried uing:syms R1 R2 Av h11 h12 h21 h22
h11 = 1;
h_params = [h11,h12; h21,h22];
s_params = h2s(h_params)
however this is te error i received,
please help thank you in advance
H_PARAMS must be numeric.
Error in h2s (line 17)
m = CheckNetworkData(h_params, 2, 'H_PARAMS');

Answers (1)

Harikrishnan Balachandran Nair
Hi grace,
The 'h2s' function expects the 'H_PARAMS' to be of numeric Type. The error that you have mentioned in the question arises when the 'H_PARAMS' passed as arguments are not of numeric type.
You can use the 'isnumeric' in Matlab function to see if the provided 'H_PARAMS' are of numeric type, and make changes accordingly.
Hope this helps!

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