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Hi everyone,
I have two question about my codes:
I have code below When it is running on R2021a the output is:
How I convert to numeric values I try to see results as a :
X: -1
Y: -2
Z: 0
Note: R2021b gives numeric result but I use R2021a matlab software.
2. The second question is my codes ends with numeric values of X,Y and Z . I want to see final results as a equation below, How I code this result? Thank you.
syms A B C
syms X Y Z integer
eqn = (B*C^-1)^X * (B)^Y * (A*B^-3)^Z * (B^3*C^-1) == A^0*B^0*C^0
seqn = simplify(lhs(eqn)) == simplify(rhs(eqn))
powers = findSymType(ans, 'power')
need_to_solve = arrayfun(@(expression) children(expression,2), powers)
syms X Y Z %remove assumptions
sol = solve(need_to_solve)

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Jan 2022
I already showed you
X = double(sol.X)
Y = double(sol.Y)
Z = double(sol.Z)
... about 11 hours ago.
To get that format of display, you can either text() everything into place, or you can use displayFormula -- though that might only work if you are using LiveScript, perhaps.
jack london
jack london on 18 Jan 2022
Actually I search the link you given, but still I can't find suitable codes
I use displayFormula and rewrite function but it gives error, which function should I use for this representation?

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