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Battery Model Simulink for 12V

Asked by Samad
on 13 Nov 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Mohamed Fauzan on 2 Nov 2016
Hi everybody. I try to use Battery Model in Simulink (ssc_lead_acid_battery.mdl) But it is not configured for 12V Battery. There i can see that i have to copy 6 Battery cell block and connect them in serie. How should i do that. can you please send me a picture or snapshot.


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Answer by Javier Gazzarri on 5 Jan 2015
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Hi, Samad,
Please open the battery cell block and comment out the SOC, DOC, and T blocks. This will prevent the second error from happening, but will also prevent you from monitoring the SOC, DOC, and T. If you do want them displayed, you may want to replace those blocks by port blocks so as to have access to the signals from the top level.
Then, at the top level, you should be able to connect the cells in series like in the attached example.


thanks a lot. It works ;)
Hello Samad
Can you show me or attached your modeled 12V lead acid batteries in series? Cause i have problem in displaying the DOC SOC etc. I have uncomment the block in the battery cells but i did not quite know how to use the port blocks. A help from you would be much appreciated.

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Answer by Javier Gazzarri on 20 Dec 2014

Hi, Samad,
The series connection in Simscape is realized connecting the + terminal of each cell to the - terminal if the adjacent cell, just as in a real battery stack.

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Hi. Thanks for your respond.
Sorry but it is here not possible to connect the negative terminal to the positive one. it is just possible to connect all the neg together and pos together. But at the end i receive an error "multiple Gotos found with tag named 'DOC'".

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