How to use equalize(c​omm.MLSEEq​ualizer) a block of symbols passing as parameter a block of channel estimates?

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I need to analyse the performance of the comm.MLSEEqualizer for a specific channel using a channel estimation. I am able to do it symbol by symbol, but now I would like to do it block by block to increase code performance, sending a block of symbols and a block of channel estimations to the MLSEE system object.
I am configuring it as:
%MLSE Equalizer
hMLSEE = comm.MLSEEqualizer('TracebackDepth',single(16), ...
'ChannelSource','Input Port', ...
'TerminationMethod','Continuous', ...
And using it as:
% Equalizing
equalizedSig = step(hMLSEE,rxModulatedData,Coeffs(:,1:10).');
where Coeffs is a Matrix where each line represents a channel estimation with 10 taps. The number of lines in the Coeffs is equal to the number of symbols in rxModulatedData.
I am getting the following error:
Error using MLSEEqualizer/step
Multichannel operation is not supported.
Error in C_ProcessingVariableBlock_BERcurve_test (line 207)
equalizedSig = step(hMLSEE,rxModulatedData,Coeffs(:,1:10).');
How can I pass a block of channel estimations to the comm.MLSEEqualizer?
Best Regards,
Bruno Pereira

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