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Macaulay functions in MUPad

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Ed Davis
Ed Davis on 12 Nov 2014
Answered: Nathan Hardenberg on 29 May 2020
In general the Macaulay function (<x-a>^n) is evaluated as 0 for x<a and x^n for x>a.
The integral is defined as int(<x-a>^n)=(<x-a>^(n+1))/(n+1)
I would like to implement functions of this type in MuPad to allow solving of beam deflection problems symbolically. However, I am not able to find a function that behaves as the Macaulay functions do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Nathan Hardenberg
Nathan Hardenberg on 28 May 2020
Interesting to see someone from 6 years ago having the same Idea as me. Im trying it with Matlab instead of Mupad, but have not found a way to implement it. Especially if it should be able to solve as symbolic. Maybe this would be possible with an addon.

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Nathan Hardenberg
Nathan Hardenberg on 29 May 2020
Not quite the solution you are looking for, but it is certainly possible to use the heaviside function. The heaviside function is also integratable and differentiable, so it is possible to use it instead.
<x - a>^0 is heaviside(x-a)
For functions with a higher exponent you have to write something like this
x^2 * heaviside(x-a)
this "switches" the function x^2 on (after a). Before it is 0

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