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Simulating 2 instances of the same model

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John Fiaschetti
John Fiaschetti am 5 Jan. 2022
Hi everyone,
I am trying to simulate redundancy in my system. I have a primary and backup system which I manage via variants. I would like to run both variants at the same time in the same simulation.
Each of the primary and backup consist of several reference models, each of which is controlled via variants. Most of the components have a "primary" and "backup" variant. While in the implementation, each runs on separate hardware. In simulation, I would need to run each of the variants in the same top model at the same time, each of which would talk to the other.
It doesn't appear there's a way to have both variants running in the same model even if I call them by reference. Each variant is trying to generate the same output signals, and this confuses Simulink. In addition, referencing the variants is very challenging because the one model can't exist in two variants in one place.
Would running each in a separate instance of Matlab work? I would have to exchange data between the two instances and synch the simulations, which seems like real nightmare.
Any suggestions?

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson am 20 Jan. 2024
In the configuration parameters for your reference models make sure the option in "Model Referencing" called "Total number of instances allowed per top model" is set to "Multiple". Make sure the reference models do not have any S-Functions that are configured to only allow one instance of the S-Function block.
For better answers please attach example models to help the community understand your problem. Also attach any output that you get from MATLAB or Simulink describing the problems found running the model as you intend.


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