Clustering GPS points based on distance between points?

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DuckDuck am 11 Nov. 2014
Kommentiert: Paola Ceccon am 14 Sep. 2017
Hello everyone!
Can some one of you how can i cluster GPS points. Let say i have a ploted on a map some GPS points and i want to cluster them based on the distance between each other.
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Paola Ceccon
Paola Ceccon am 14 Sep. 2017
Hi, Have you resolve this problem? I have the same... I would appreciate your help

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene am 11 Nov. 2014
If your data are in lat/lon coordinates, you'll need to convert them to some reasonable x/y coordinates, then you can use ipdm to calculate the distance from each point to every other point. Or you could identify centers of clusters and use hypot to calculate the distance between each point and each cluster center.
Either way, make sure you convert lat/lon to x/y because a degree of latitude does not equal a degree of longitude, so hypot(delta_lat,delta_lon) would not make much sense at all.

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski am 11 Nov. 2014
Given a Geopoint P, which has an elevation property (in some unit) you can calculate the distance between the points using a referenceEllipsoid such as the wgs84 one:
% Build an ellipsoid with feet
wgs84 = wgs84Ellipsoid('ft');
% Distance in components
[dx, dy, dz] = ecefOffset(wgs84,...
P.Latitude(1:end-1), P.Longitude(1:end-1), P.ElevationFt(1:end-1),...
P.Latitude(2:end), P.Longitude(2:end), P.ElevationFt(2:end));
% Distance
dists = hypot(hypot(dx,dy),dz);
Note that the elevation and ellipsoid are both in feet for this example.
From here, if you want to cluster, you can use any standard method whether it's just a histogram or kmeans etc.
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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski am 17 Nov. 2014
I'd start here:
Actually, I'd probably start with kmeans because it's quick and easy.

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