How to define coefficient c in 3 coupling pdes in solving 2D-PDE (PDE toolbox)

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I'm solving 2D-pdes using PDE toolbox, my problem is how to define coefficient c because the third equation (below) is coupled with A and B. I have tried a lot with pde toolbox and refer to this link, but failed to identify c coefficient.
According to this link, I can easily define the first equation and column vector c (first 2 rows), c(1) = c(4) = c, c(2) = c(3) = 0; but I have no idea how to define c in the third equation. Could anybody give me some help?

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Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar am 22 Dez. 2021
If you have Symbolic Math Toolbox, then you can use the pdeCoefficients function to get the requried c-coefficient.

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