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I want to read audio data from a file. Can anybody help me?

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Onur PEKER am 5 Nov. 2014
Geschlossen: MATLAB Answer Bot am 20 Aug. 2021
I designed a gui for recording sound. I am recording them with special name and putting a file. Then I want to call these records from file whose name is 'test'. wavread file is getting error like 'Cannot open file.'. How can I add file to workspace?
if true
traindir = 'C:\Users\onur\Desktop\sesdosyası\gui2\test\';
file = sprintf('%s', traindir)
[s, fs] = wavread(file);

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Mikhail am 5 Nov. 2014
You didn't set here the name of your file, it should be something like "test.wav"
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Onur PEKER am 5 Nov. 2014
ohh sorry, I've corrected my mistake. I add a zip file which is including test file. but it is not a 'wav' file. However 'wav' files which I want to add are in test file .

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