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How to get the correct value from the given matrix?

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Matlab111 am 4 Nov. 2014
Beantwortet: Mikhail am 4 Nov. 2014
like this i have one matrix
a=[194.2015 74.0495 1.0000
193.9793 124.4735 1.0000
168.2779 80.5468 1.0000
191.4042 99.1337 1.0000
168.7530 108.8447 1.0000]
for this i should get only the first row and remaining should not display this 'a' matrix in loop condition so the 'a' matrix will get change.
b=194.2015 74.0495 1.0000;

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Mikhail am 4 Nov. 2014
The simplest way is to write

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