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How to deploy simulink ROS node which has Acados S function?

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JAI PRAKASH am 14 Dez. 2021
I use Generate a Standalone ROS Node from Simulink to deploy a ROS node on Nvidia Jetson Xavier.
How to deploy the same node which now has acados S function(as MPC solver) on Nvidia Jetson Xavier or on Raspberry pi which have arm64 v8?
I anticipate that since targetPC would not have matlab, I have to copy 'c_generated_code' generated by acados codegen to the target PC than 'make' it there with the help of Acados (BLASFEO - ARMV8A_ARM_CORTEX_A57) installed there. But then I dont know what to do !!

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Jagadeesh Konakalla
Jagadeesh Konakalla am 30 Mär. 2023
Hi Jai Prakash,
Please reach out to MathWorks Technical support with more details on your request.
Jagadeesh K


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