Export matlab workspace data to python

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i want to export matlab workspace data to python and plot the graph in python
myVar = eng.workspace["out.simout.Data"]
but i am getting this ValueError: variable name is not valid in MATLAB.
Could anyone please help me to solve this?

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Indhu Priyadharshini Govindasamy
eng.eval('a = out.simout;',nargout=0)
mpi = eng.workspace['a']
adding eval worked for me

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Sanjay Sivakumar
Sanjay Sivakumar on 14 Dec 2021
You can try to export the MATLAB workspace data to an excel spreadsheet and use the spreadsheet in python.
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Indhu Priyadharshini Govindasamy
Thank you for your reply. i will try this
@Deepak Meena replied like we can use this line of code to access the workspace variable in python.
p = eng.workspace['out.simout'];
but i dont know why it is not working in my case.

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