Parametrized SQL queries for PostgreSQL?

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Sergey Kostrukov
Sergey Kostrukov am 14 Dez. 2021
Beantwortet: Animesh am 15 Feb. 2024
Hi, I use Database Toolbox to fetch data from a Postgres database.
Is it possible to parametrize SQL query when using fetch?
conn = postgresql(...);
col4 = "foobar";
query = ...
"SELECT s.col1, s.col2, s.col3 " + ...
"FROM mystuff s " + ...
"WHERE s.col4 = '" + col4 + "'";
fetch_opts = databaseImportOptions(conn, query);
results = fetch(conn, query, fetch_opts);
clear conn query fetch_opts;
Is there a way to declare the col4 as a query parameter istead of concatenating the value into query string?

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Animesh am 15 Feb. 2024
If you are working with a PostgreSQL server and need to execute parameterized queries using MATLAB's database toolbox, you will find that the default fetch function does not support this directly. However, you can utilize the JDBC driver for PostgreSQL to establish a connection and then create a parameterized query with an SQLPreparedStatement object, which is compatible with a JDBC connection. This method allows you to pass the prepared statement to the fetch function to retrieve your results.
You can refer the following documentation for more information:
PostgreSQL JDBC for Windows:




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