Parametrized SQL queries for PostgreSQL?

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Sergey Kostrukov
Sergey Kostrukov am 14 Dez. 2021
Hi, I use Database Toolbox to fetch data from a Postgres database.
Is it possible to parametrize SQL query when using fetch?
conn = postgresql(...);
col4 = "foobar";
query = ...
"SELECT s.col1, s.col2, s.col3 " + ...
"FROM mystuff s " + ...
"WHERE s.col4 = '" + col4 + "'";
fetch_opts = databaseImportOptions(conn, query);
results = fetch(conn, query, fetch_opts);
clear conn query fetch_opts;
Is there a way to declare the col4 as a query parameter istead of concatenating the value into query string?

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