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Unable to log signal from signal bus

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Vinay Shimpi
Vinay Shimpi am 11 Dez. 2021
Beantwortet: Divyanshu am 28 Feb. 2024
I am learning and using EV reference application for my project work. Here, in electric plant, there is a mapped motor which has one of the output named 'info'. Info has some signals and one bus is carrying all the signals outside. I placed a bus selector because I wanted only powerloss signal, but I am not getting any data in scope. But I am able to log data into Simulation data inspector. Please help me regarding this.

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Divyanshu am 28 Feb. 2024
Hi Vinay,
The reason due to which 'PwrLoss' Signal from the bus is not visible in scope block and still is getting logged in Simulink Inspector is because of the Option 'Output as Virtual Bus' being checked.
If you want to get the data in the scope block, then uncheck the option 'Output as Virtual Bus' in the Block parameters of 'Bus Selector' block.
You can refer the following documentation for more details about this option:
Hope it helps!


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