How Do you have a file Hex for arduino?

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Mus on 29 Oct 2014
Commented: Shamnad on 31 Oct 2014
I want to have a file .hex for test this in proteus, but n i don't know how do it. i have support target arduino in simulink, but i don't have yet the hardware arduino.
Do you have a solution for this?
Thanks you

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Sandip Kumar
Sandip Kumar on 30 Oct 2014
When using the Simulink Support Package for Arduino:
Using this support package and Arduino library blocks, when you deploy the model onto the Arduino, there is a set of files which are generated in the current folder. One of them is HEX file, which you are interested in looking at.
Thanks, Sandip
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Mus on 31 Oct 2014
But without the hardware, it's not possible to have this file because it's stop before the finalisation processe and he said that your hardware it's not connected.
Thanks you.

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Shamnad on 31 Oct 2014
If your Simulink file name is 'my_simulink_program', then look for the folder 'my_simulink_program_rtt' in your current working directory after building the file in Simulink.
Tip: Most people run the Simulink program without knowing that their current working directory is set somewhere else, other than the actual project directory. Make sure you look in the directory where MATLAB was set at the time of compiling the Simulink file.
Shamnad on 31 Oct 2014
Of course, the hardware should be connected when using Simulink.

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