How to plott graph in Appdesigner from MATLAB

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Hello everyone,
I have created a Function in MATLAB, That plots 3 graph (which i have mentioned) in the Function. Now, in the app desginer, i want to to call that function or i have to do the same plotting in the axes, after trying alot, i am unable to solve it.
This is the Function that i Creates in the MATLAB :
Now, i want to plott this graphs in appdesiner but, it is showing me in another window, when i click on run and not in the Axes.
This are the changes that i made in Code view :
Can anyone please help me with this thing?

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Julius Schroers
Julius Schroers on 4 Dec 2021
First you need to create an Axes, I don't know if you have already done that. The important thing is that you also have to specify where you want to plot in the AppDesigner. Also the commands for grid, hold and so on are different in AppDesigner, because you have to define the target.
I have adapted a few things as an example:
function Plot_graph(app)
fplot(app.UIAxes,@(x) sin(x),[-2 2],"LineWidth",2)
fplot(app.UIAxes,@(x) cos(x),[-2 2],"--or")
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Mihir Rathod
Mihir Rathod on 4 Dec 2021
Ahh okay, it worked, so basically i have written it in wrong format, i just thought that the commands are same as if in MATLAB.
Thank you very much for your support.

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