When debugging in R2021b, the current line is highlighted in light green making it impossible to read the line when the text color is light and background is dark.

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Amit Hochman
Amit Hochman on 2 Dec 2021
Commented: Amit Hochman on 24 Mar 2022
This happens only when the function being viewed is above in the call-stack from the one at which execution has stopped.
Any idea how this color might be changed?
See below an example showing how to reproduce this problem, this time with the default colors:

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Accepted Answer

Rik on 24 Mar 2022
The line highlight has been changed to a much darker shade of green in R2022a. This leaves code readible if you have set your font color to something light.
So there isn't a solution in R2021b, but R2022a will get you what you need.

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dpb on 2 Dec 2021
Under preferences, "Editor/Debugger" the checkbox "Highlight Current Line" has the option to select the highlight color.
Andrea De Polis
Andrea De Polis on 16 Feb 2022
I do have the same, very annoying issue. I can see the highlighted lines only by highlighing them with the cursor.

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