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SIMULINK ROS Permission denied

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Albin Biju
Albin Biju am 27 Nov. 2021
Caused by: Permission denied
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Mahshad Kadkhodazade
Mahshad Kadkhodazade am 5 Dez. 2022
I'm having the same error. I attached my model.
p.s.: first time, I initialized roscore on ubuntu, then on matlab. I got this error.
second time, I restarted my computer and this time initialized ros on matlab. Still the same error.
Mahshad Kadkhodazade
Mahshad Kadkhodazade am 5 Dez. 2022
I solved it by going to matlab script and changing the folder directory to the folder where the python code of my publisher node exists. I got this idea from below link:
p.s.: I got this error in Simulink of a ROS publisher block. I had defined a publisher node in ROS before running this simulink block.

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Jagadeesh Konakalla
Jagadeesh Konakalla am 7 Apr. 2023
Based on the error message, you are running the model where you do not have write permissions. Please run the simulink model where you have write permissions.
Jagadeesh K


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