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Martin Ebert
Martin Ebert am 22 Okt. 2014
Have just installed Matlab 2014b. In previous versions, when I opened a structure in the Variables panel, it would just display the structure fields in a list and I would have to select them to look at their values. In 2014b, when I open the structure, all of the field values get displayed in a table in the Variables panel. The variable I am currently looking at is a 32MB 1x739 struct with 224 fields, some of which are matrices themselves. Real-time display of this is really slow. Is there any way of choosing to instead display the structure in the pre 2014b way? Thanks.

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Bruno Pop-Stefanov
Bruno Pop-Stefanov am 23 Okt. 2014
Bearbeitet: Bruno Pop-Stefanov am 23 Okt. 2014
The new display for struct arrays has been released starting with MATLAB R2013b and you cannot revert to the old one. The new display makes it easier to quickly see the content of the entire array, instead of having to go into each element to examine the values of the fields. Thank you for your feedback.
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Giuseppe Marinelli
Giuseppe Marinelli am 11 Apr. 2017
Bearbeitet: Giuseppe Marinelli am 11 Apr. 2017
Hei! Thanks for your reply! Actually I have the exact opposite problem, but it appears to affect only some variables. I have a list of variables with all the same structure: tens of column fields (size of Nx1, with same N for all the fields) which would be perfect for a "table" view, but when I open them they appear in the old fashion style, like list of fields with dimensions. If, instead, I call a "whos" and I store it, if I open it it appears as a table. Is that a way I can set this visualisation for all the structures I have?
Thank you
Oh, by the way, I am using Matlab R2016a

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