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Barweb in 2014b doesn't work any more

Asked by Rainer on 16 Oct 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Oleg Komarov on 3 Jan 2015
One of my favorite community functions barweb not longer works with 2014b due to the change in the way figure handles are referenced. Are there any barweb users out there that managed to tweak the barweb.m file to make it work?

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Using bar() together with errorbar() is an option since R2012b.

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Answer by Robert Cumming on 17 Oct 2014
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The problem with this function is that it is failing on getting the X position of each bar - so that the errorbar can be placed on the middle of the bar.
The error actually occurs on:
x=get(get(handles.bars(i),'children'), 'xdata');
In HG1 this line was getting the X position of the patch. The bar is no longer a patch so you need to get the x position another way.
If you update the if statement to the following:
% Plot erros
for i = 1:numbars
if ~verLessThan('matlab', '8.4') % HG2
x = handles.bars(i).XData + handles.bars(i).XOffset;
x =get(get(handles.bars(i),'children'), 'xdata');
x = mean(x([1 3],:));
handles.errors(i) = errorbar(x, barvalues(:,i), errors(:,i), 'k', 'linestyle', 'none', 'linewidth', 2);
ymax = max([ymax; barvalues(:,i)+errors(:,i)]);
It works for a "trivial" example. I didn't check for passing in anymore than 2 inputs.


Thanks! It worked! Can you please explain to my what handles.bars(i).XOffset is? I can't seem to find the Xoffset variable in the handles.bars structure.
XOffset is a hidden property which details the position of the bar relative to the XData.
You can use this FEX to inspect these other properties.
Thank you Robert.

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Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 16 Oct 2014

It looks like there are a few things in the legend call that need to change. The legend is no longer an axes so that is no longer a valid check.

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This is what i get.
---- >> barweb([3,3,3],[1,1,1])
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in barweb (line 153) x = mean(x([1 3],:));
The offending line is actually
handles.bars = bar(barvalues, width,'edgecolor','k', 'linewidth', 2);
(x is derived from handles.bars)
In 2014a, handles.bars would have been a double value but now it is a structure and for the life of me i can't find any field in the structure that corresponds to the old handles.bars value.

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