which product should i install

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Pratik Bangadkar
Pratik Bangadkar on 15 Nov 2021
Commented: Pratik Bangadkar on 26 Nov 2021
which product should i install for instrumentation engineering?

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Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila on 18 Nov 2021
If you are a student, you can probably start with MATLAB Student Suite. Later, based on any new requirements you can always install a toolbox using Add Ons Explorer, you can also refer to Get and Manage Add-Ons for the same.
The following are few relevant pages you can check:
  1. https://www.mathworks.com/solutions/electronics/instrumentation.html
  2. https://mathworks.com/solutions.html
  3. https://www.mathworks.com/products/instrument.html
  4. https://mathworks.com/products.html


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