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Derive base 10 logarithm from base 2 log output

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Life is Wonderful
Life is Wonderful am 15 Nov. 2021
I am looking to calculate .
  • log10 with base2log as input.i.e. log10(log2())
  • log() with base2log as input i.e. log(log2())
I have only base2log function available for calculation and I don't have common log() and log10() available
Below is my code and I am looking for the right mathematical formula for conversion so that I can get equivalent log() and log10() using log2()
Thank you!!
input = 32;
b = log2(input);
constant = 2.30258509299405; % assuming log(10)
base10 = log(b) / (constant) % formula for conversion, I don't have log function available
base10 = 0.6990
output = log10(b)
output = 0.6990
nlog = log(input) % need conversion formula
nlog = 3.4657
nlog = log(32)/log(2.718281828)
nlog = 3.4657

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Chunru am 15 Nov. 2021
The formula is:
For any given base b, you need to compute a constant .

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