Clone GitHub repository - Authentication Failed

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Katerina Michalaki
Katerina Michalaki on 2 Nov 2021
Answered: Turlough Hughes on 2 Nov 2021
I am trying to clone a GitHub repository to Matlab, but every time I put the link to the repository path through source control, I am asked to insert my username and password.
Although the credentials I insert are correct, I am repeatedly requested to insert the username and password again. If I don't insert my credentials, the authentication fails and I do not have access to the repository.
Has anyone faced this issue and, if so, any ideas on how to resolve it?

Answers (1)

Turlough Hughes
Turlough Hughes on 2 Nov 2021
You need to follow the steps described here. See the part about git credential manager or setting up ssh authentication. Make sure also that you have Git installed.
I used this a while back to setup git hooks, which are very handy for push, pull, commit, etc with a remote repository on GitHub. I don't think it's necessary to do steps 1 - 3 (Git Hooks) if you're just trying to sort out the credentials, but if you're working with remote repos regularly then it's pretty useful to have Git Hooks as well.




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