Running python function from Matlab

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buer am 6 Okt. 2014
Bearbeitet: per isakson am 17 Okt. 2014
Hello everyone,
I got one problem to ask. Is it possible to run a function from python file In my there have many functions, so how can I call function from it? Is it possible I do not install Python in my computer and do that? Thanks so much, please give some advice. Thanks
BR buer

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Michelle Hirsch
Michelle Hirsch am 7 Okt. 2014
You could try using the Python interface introduced in MATLAB R2014b. You would need Python on your machine.
A few resources which might help:
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Sarah Palfreyman
Sarah Palfreyman am 15 Okt. 2014
Correct R2013b does not have the feature. The feature was introduced in R2014b which is available to download now.

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