How do I save a figure as a png to a different directory?

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I need help saving my figure to a different directory than the one I'm running my code in. The directory I want to save it to is /Volumes/Expansion/dispersion.
This is what I have so far. I'm not sure how to incorporate the directory I want to save the figure to.
header = 'title of figure on plot';

Accepted Answer

Jon on 29 Oct 2021
x = [1 2 3]
y = x.^2
Jon on 29 Oct 2021
Edited: Jon on 29 Oct 2021
If you just want to use the print command as you have started, you just have to append the path to the filename so:
filename = 'myfile'
name = fullfile('Volumes','Expansion','dispersion',filename)
In the above I also built the filename programatically in case you wanted to do that

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