How to compare equations of two simbiology models?

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I need to compare two models of simbiology. Is there any direct way to compare the equations of the two models?
Any suggestion is appreciated.
Thank you

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard on 26 Oct 2021
One way to compare the equations of two models is to load the models in the MATLAB workspace, generate the equations with getequations(), save these in files and use MATLAB's file comparison tool.
I have attached a function that automates this workflow for you.
You will need to load the models using sbioloadproject() and then call this function. This will open and compare the models equations in MATLAB's file compairon tool for you.
Please note that there are little safeguards, e.g. for when getequations errors. I suggest to verify your model with the method verify() or call getequations manually after loading your model into the MATLAB workspace to make sure equations are generated without issues


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