Make an Histogram with 24 bars

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flashpode on 19 Oct 2021
Answered: Steven Lord on 19 Oct 2021
I have a variable of duration and I want to get an histogram where each bar (24 in total, for each hour) contains the total messages recieved at the same hour

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 19 Oct 2021
Check out the documentation for histogram. You likely want to use one of these syntaxes.

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 19 Oct 2021
The histogram function can operate on datetime and duration arrays. Here's an example using datetime; you should be able to adapt it to operate on a duration array.
midnight = datetime('today');
secondsPerDay = seconds(days(1));
s = seconds(randi(secondsPerDay, 1000, 1));
T = midnight + s;
T(1:10) % Show the first few elements of T to show they contain date and time information
ans = 10×1 datetime array
19-Oct-2021 23:42:45 19-Oct-2021 21:59:22 19-Oct-2021 16:31:34 19-Oct-2021 14:18:30 19-Oct-2021 18:25:32 19-Oct-2021 10:08:10 19-Oct-2021 02:45:47 19-Oct-2021 17:54:04 19-Oct-2021 11:18:35 19-Oct-2021 10:02:54
histogram(T, midnight + hours(0:24)) % 1 hour long bins

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