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Hello, I created a figure containing 12 subplots of which 6 each align equally. So I got two "groups" of plots which align equally (group A: 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10 and group B: 3,4,7,8,11,12). When using 'position', I had similiar difficulties: the same 6 plots (group A) aligned using a normal vector, the others (group B) used another vector (inches?). What can I do? Plz see the sketch for illustration YES, there are no plots at positions 8 and 12; as stated above and can't be seen on the sketch as I exchanged the plots with white boxes (having a different size) for confidentiality reasons: within the groups A and B the plots align equally;
Any help is appreciated - thank you!
Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 15 Oct 2021
That suggests to me there might be something with your data. Try creating the figures one at a time and see if you can identify if one of them is not being created properly (perhaps #4?). Inspect the corresponding data for clues as to what may be happening.

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Michael Wernhart
Michael Wernhart on 15 Oct 2021
Edited: Michael Wernhart on 15 Oct 2021
More than that, I saw that I set the axes several times to "normal" - though the code was very similiar (mostly the same but at other positions) and except "axes normal" never changed the position given by subplot(m,n,p) that might caused some error?
working through the code again and standardizing it helped (+ i moved the calculation of the plots with the most data on top)!
Thank you very much!
Kind regards!

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