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Which is the best way to replace the typedefs of rtwtypes.h with the ones defined in my firmware?

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I want to use the typedefs that I defined in my firmware. I see that it is possible to use the Data Type Replacement in the Model configuration. Doing this way I only change the names in the rtwtypes.h. Then, after I changed the names with the ones from the firmware, I need to change manually the includes. I need to include the .h file from my firmware and to remove the rtwtypes.h. Am I right?
Is there any way more clean? A way that doesn't rely on manual modifications after the code generation procedure? Can you give me some hints on where find examples and documentation?
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Bogdan Bodnarescu
Bogdan Bodnarescu am 25 Jan. 2022
You can import the .h file that is defining the types in your firmware as a Datatype in the Model Workspace or a Simulink Data Dictionary.
Then when you use the Datatype Replacement inside rtwtypes.h you will have an include to that file.
I suppose you still have to copy rtwtypes.h with the files that you are compiling and then the compilation should work.

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Life is Wonderful
Life is Wonderful am 14 Okt. 2021
Bearbeitet: Life is Wonderful am 14 Okt. 2021
You can have one of the following approach to get rid of rtwtypes.h
  • Use standard ANSI complaint #include <stdint.h> and #include <stdtype.h>, based on your requirement
  • You can define in enable custom data type tab during code generation Like uint8 to uint8_t
  • You can import custom types as well for your project


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