How to output a value of an array for a specific value of time?

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I have the following section of code. I am generating arrays of t and v to create a plot.
wn and theta are given.
n=3; N=500; t=linspace(0,n*Tn,N); v=rho*cos(wn*t+theta);
Now how do I print the value of v for t=1?

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez am 18 Sep. 2014
idx = find(t==1);
or in a single line:
v( find(t==1) )
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David Sanchez
David Sanchez am 18 Sep. 2014
Absolutely, as explained by Daniel in you can do this:
idx = find(t<1,1);
insert = @(a, x, n)cat(2, x(1:n), a, x(n+1:end)); % function to insert the value "a" in array "x" in position "n"
t = insert(1, t, idx); % now t contains the value "1"

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