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4-Port Scatter parameters to 2-Port Scatter Paremeters

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Is it always customary to convert 4-Port S-Parameters to 2-Port S-Parameters and then plot Smith's chart ? Why ?

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Giorgia Zucchelli
Giorgia Zucchelli on 15 Sep 2014
Dear Jay,
Converting S-parameters can be done, but it is not compulsory. I can imagine that you might want to do it when you are interested only in a pair of ports (e.g. selecting a certain channel in multi-port measurements, and terminate all the other ports with a certain impedance), or if you want to translate single ended measurements to differential data. Plotting on a smith chart is then done to visualize the input or the output port behaviour.
With best regards,
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analogy on 15 Sep 2014
Okay, by the way, do you have any good documentation that explains 4-Port single ended conversion to 2-Port differential (apart from MATLAB documentation) or as a matter of fact, any documentation explain the process of single ended scattering parameter conversion to differential ended scattering parameter ?

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Giorgia Zucchelli
Giorgia Zucchelli on 16 Sep 2014
The RF Toolbox documetation references this article "Mixed-Mode S-Parameter Characterization of Differential Structures" by Fan, W., A. C. W. Lu, L. L. Wai, and B. K. Lok, published on Electronic Packaging Technology Conference, pp. 533–537, 2003.
I think that this is a good starting point to discuss the differences and the derivation between the two.
With best regards,

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