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Scrolling and choosing image to display on figure.

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Mikhail am 10 Sep. 2014
Kommentiert: Mikhail am 11 Sep. 2014
Hi there, I have a bunch of images. After some processing, I want to display them. However there are a lot of them. So I want to do 2 things:
1) Be able to press forward and back arrows to change picture - to scroll them like in standard image viewer.
2) Have an edit window on my figure, where I can write a number of image to be displayed.
Is it possible to do? Tried to do it with
prompt='Choose your file or enter it';
str = input(prompt);
Don't like it as long as I have to switch between figure and command window of Matlab.
Thanks in advance.
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Mikhail am 10 Sep. 2014
What I want - usefull commands how to do it. I didn't find function which can wait for key pressing on keyboard. I don't need the exact algorithm.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 10 Sep. 2014
How about these:
I haven't tried them but if their 3D images are actually just a collection of 2D images in a folder then they might meet your needs.
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Mikhail am 11 Sep. 2014
Thanks, I used 2nd link as a template for my own ImageViewer.

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins am 10 Sep. 2014
What about using GUIDE?


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