Can I create my own Workflow Advisor?

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Mark on 8 Sep 2011
HDL Coder has a 'Workflow Advisor' which guides users through the various processes and checks required to get a design successfully completed. This seems a great way to keep users on track when using complex tools or blocksets in Simulink.
Is there a mechanism for users to write their own similar Workflow Advisors for their Simulink tools? If I've written a complex blockset in Simulink and I want to ship this to customers - being able to also create and ship a Workflow Advisor for it would be of great benefit.
I've searched, but couldn't find any documentation other than for the HDL Coder Workflow Advisor.

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Guy Rouleau
Guy Rouleau on 8 Sep 2011
Simulink Verification and Validation can help you do that.
Look at the documentation section "Customizing the Model Advisor"
This will allow you to create your own custom check to help users with your workflow.
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Mark on 9 Sep 2011
Thanks. If I created this, would the users of my block-set then also need to purchase 'Simulink Verification and Validation' to use my custom Model Advisor?

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