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Matlab busy, but nothing shows up

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William am 26 Aug. 2014
Kommentiert: Mikhail am 26 Aug. 2014
My Matlab version is 2013a, I have been using this version for a year now.
Recently, my matlab cannot run codes anymore. When I start to run, the commander window would show "busy" but nothing shows up.
I suspect the process was stuck somewhere in the beginning, how could one check that?
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José-Luis am 26 Aug. 2014
Have you tried starting in from the command line / shell?

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Mikhail am 26 Aug. 2014
I would simply reinstall matlab. Don't forget to save your codes.
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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng am 26 Aug. 2014
i know yours work Mikhail. i was asking William if he can expand on what doesn't work in his matlab "code". Is it his codes (user created scripts + function + GUIs, etc.) or everything built in matlab stuff.
Mikhail am 26 Aug. 2014
Or sorry, I thought it was author's comment

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