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Indexing matrix to get corresponding values for condition,store in a new matrix each time?

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Sorry for the perhaps confusing title...
Basically I have a 3x3 matrix containing elevation angle, azimuth angle and range. I want to generate new matrices each time elevation >5 deg. There are usually about 5 segments that have this data and I want to separate each one into a new matrix.
I know how to index but not sure how to put this condition in...
sat_elev=atan2(sat_tcs(3,:),sqrt(sat_tcs(1,:).^2+sat_tcs(2,:).^2)); sat_azim=atan2(-sat_tcs(2,:),sat_tcs(1,:));
range=sqrt(sat_tcs(1,:).^2+sat_tcs(2,:).^2+sat_tcs(3,:).^2);` sat_elev(sat_elev < 5*deg2rad) = NaN;

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez am 22 Aug. 2014
It is not very clear what you want, but I think it has to be something like this:
elev_5 = find(sat_elev >5);
sat_look_tcs_5 = zeros(length(elev_5, 3, 3)); % initialize 3D matrix to hold your submatrices
for k=1:(length(elev_5)-1)
sat_look_tcs_5(k+1,:,:) = sat_look_tcs((elev_5(k)+1):elev_5(k+1),:,:);
And you access your matrix with
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Buzz am 8 Sep. 2014
Hi, yeah thanks. The problem I have is that I am getting a 3x3 with the elevation angle in each column, rather than the corresponding azimuth and range for each value.

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