how to separate objects in binary image?

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Andrés Larroza
Andrés Larroza am 13 Aug. 2014
Kommentiert: Alexandra am 14 Jun. 2016
I have binary images representing ROIs as the one attached. In this example is is clearly seen that there are 3 ROIs, 3 closed polygons. I want to separate those ROIs in order to assign a label to each one.
I've tried using bwlabel but the problem is that ROI1 and ROI3 have some connected pixels, so I can separate ROI2 but not ROI1 and ROI3.
Any recommendations of how to do this?
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Alexandra am 14 Jun. 2016
Have you found a solution? I have the same problem

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Nitin am 13 Aug. 2014
Your should check regionprops and morphological processing.
One simple way would be by computing the area of each region and selecting the region of interest.

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