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How to convert Fixed-in-Minor-Step to Continuous in Simulink?

Asked by Jonathan on 5 Aug 2014
Latest activity Answered by Archit Dhanani on 19 Jul 2019
How do I convert a Fixed-in-Minor-Step sample time signal to a Continuous sample time signal without changing solvers?

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Yeah, how? What is the trick?
I have multiplied the FiM signal by a Continuous signal (equal=1) and it made it it continuous but that's dirty solution

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1 Answer

Answer by Archit Dhanani on 19 Jul 2019

There is a shipped SFunction 'sfun_d2c' which you could try using. It provides algorithms that essentially performs a linear extrapolation on the sampled data.
You can find an example using this S-Function at the following location in the MATLAB installation:
You can use the command:
>>cd toolbox\simulink\simdemos\simfeatures
See if this helps avoiding the issue.


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