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Bug in matlab 2013b: all windows resize (get very small) when I right click in the Editor. It returns to normal only when program is restarted.

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Please help me with the following problem: when ever I right click in the editor, all the windows of Matlab resize and become very small (menus, fonts, everything. It can't be used). The only way to go back to normal is to restart the program and never use a right click.
I think it is some compatibility problem to the high resolution of the screen (3200X1800)or with win 8.1.
I saw there were some similar questions in the forum but no one gave a good answer... Please help, can't work like that.
Thank you
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Hamid Sarlak
Hamid Sarlak am 2 Sep. 2014
I have the same issue. Seems to me Win 8.1 compatibility problem. Nevertheless, enlarging the fonts seems to be a poor man's temporary fix ...
Carlo am 25 Jan. 2015
Hi I have exactly the same problem. What solution did you find, if any? Thanks

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell am 19 Mai 2015


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