Restore old editor in R2021b?

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Jack Walsh
Jack Walsh on 24 Sep 2021
Commented: creepydog on 13 May 2022 at 16:27
R2021b has a new editor compared to R2021a. Is there any way to revert to the previous editor? The new version is much more graphically intensive and feels sluggish compared to the simple text editor in the previous version. Also, it renders the Monospaced font differently than the previous version, resulting in the editor font looking completely different to the command window font, which hasn't changed, despite them both using Monospaced.
For comparison, the editor from R2021a:
and the editor from R2021b:
If there is no way to revert the look of the editor, is there at least a way to have it use the same Monospaced font as the command window?
creepydog on 13 May 2022 at 16:27
I agree that this is very annoying and needs to be fixed. What I found out so far:
The documentation now says: "When the font is set to monospaced, the actual displayed font in the Editor is different than the font displayed in the Command Window and Command History. This is because monospaced is a logical font, not a physical font. To avoid this discrepancy, specify the font name as a physical font, for example, Courier New."
That sounds like an excuse but not like an explanation. Until R2021a, Matlab has been able to render fonts identically in both Command Window and Editor, regardless of whether you choose a logical Monospaced or a physical Courier New. Note: Until R2021a, the characters of Monospaced and Courier New looked the same (at least on my screen), but the line spacing was different.
If I switch to Courier New on R2022a (assuming it's the same in R2021b) and compare it to the older R2021a, I can see that the letters look a bit bolder, although a closer look shows it's more about brightness. (I hope the upload process preserves the effect ...). This occurs only in the Editor, of course.
Using Courier New on R2022a and comparing the Editor to the Command Window, I see that the line spacing is different.
I've not found any solution so far. But I'm afraid this is not a bug but rather a deliberate decision by someone at Mathworks who thought this was cool.

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Answers (1)

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 24 Sep 2021
I changed these settings and it greatly improved the font for me:
s = settings;
s.matlab.fonts.custom.editor.FontToUse.PersonalValue = "CustomFont";
s.matlab.fonts.custom.editor.Name.PersonalValue = "Courier New";
s.matlab.fonts.custom.editor.Size.PersonalValue = 12; % in point
William Jacobs
William Jacobs on 9 Dec 2021
This leads to a significantly improved font (in my opinion).

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