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Create a 32-bit application using 64-bit Matlab.

I routinely compile applications for internal customers. Somewhat recently, I have upgraded to a 64-bit version of MATLAB. Most of the folks that use my applications have 32-bit machines. Is there any way I can create applications compatible with 32 bit machines using my 64-bit version of MATLAB?


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Answer by Lucas García on 26 Aug 2011
 Accepted Answer

You can as of MATLAB R2010b create a 32-bit application using 64-bit machine:
Check -win32 in the previous site
Notice that you still need to install 32-bit MATLAB.


Thank you for your prompt response!
I am having trouble using the 'win32' option. When running mcc DOS, I recieve the following error: 'mcc' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.
I am able to compile m files using mcc from within MATLAB, but of course, those are 64 bit applications. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
what is the exact command you are typing?
Thank for taking your time to answer. I've decided to go ahead and install 32-bit MATLAB in place of the 64-bit MATLAB on my machine.

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