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Nyquist plot of idproc Model

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Paul am 16 Sep. 2021
I created a Process Model with System Identificaion Toolbox and received a PT2 Transfer function with delay. I exported it to Matlab and received an idproc Model. Now, I wanted to do a Nyquist plot with it, which didn't work. I know that it probably will work if I extract the parameters and build a transfer function with it by myself. I wanna know if it's also working with the idproc element or if there is a fast command to build a transfer function with it.
Thanks in Advance!
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Paul am 16 Sep. 2021
edit: it works perfectly fine when there is no other figure open

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Khaled Aljanaideh
Khaled Aljanaideh am 17 Sep. 2021
Hi Paul,
You can convert an idproc model to a transfer function model simply using the command tf(PT2_Td), where PT2_Td is the idproc model. I tried my self to create a Nyquist plot using the command nyquist(PT2_Td) and I did not see any problems.

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