Iteratively solving equations in MATLAB

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Elina Park
Elina Park on 15 Sep 2021
Answered: Sreedhar Arumugam on 15 Sep 2021
Hello! I'm trying to solve an equation iteratively using MATLAB.
If I have an equation such as a - mx^2 + b = 0, where all variables except x is defined, how do I set up an iterative loop so that the program finds a value of x? I think I'm supposed to use a for or while loop to do this, but I'm not sure how to set it up and define the accuracy/limit of the variable I'm trying to find. Thank you!

Answers (1)

Sreedhar Arumugam
Sreedhar Arumugam on 15 Sep 2021
You can find a similar MATLAB answer to solving a polynomial equation using iteration here.
There's another answer that uses iteration to solve a trigonometric equation. While the equation is a bit different from yours, you can refer to this to understand the code and the method being used .




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