Stand-alone application problem during execution.

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Manuel on 4 Aug 2014
Commented: Anderson Canteli on 21 Aug 2017
Hi all,
I have generated a stand-alone application with the Lcc32 compiler and the deploytool on MatLab 2013b. The application GUI its opening properly and allmost all fields and buttons are working, but one of the buttons that should execute a matlab code and show results on the GUI is not working.
I check if it is a problem from the code or the button but if I compile the GUI code in MatLab enviroment everything works perfectly. And I also installed the correct MCR for my MatLab version to execute the application.
Any idea about what could be the problem?
BR, Manuel
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Anderson Canteli
Anderson Canteli on 21 Aug 2017
I'm having the similar issue. Did you managed to solve it?

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