adding an existing cody problem to an assignment?

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how do i go about adding an existing problem to a coursework assignment? i only see a way create a new assignment from scratch.

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Prof. Joe Hummel
Prof. Joe Hummel on 14 Aug 2014
Cody Coursework advertises that you can create assignments based on over "1300 existing problems". How can I do that? I believe what u have shown allows me to copy an existing problem that I have created. I want to copy a problem created by someone else --- in particular some of the pre-existing problems?
Thank you!
Prof. Joe Hummel
Prof. Joe Hummel on 14 Aug 2014
Fair enough --- but you really should change the marketing of Cody Coursework when you say you can build assignments "based on over 1300 existing problems". The copy-paste approach is pretty painful, given that you have to copy description and test cases separately, not to mention the wasted effort of asking faculty to independently copy-paste. I like the system, but you need to be more transparent, otherwise folks start to wonder what else isn't really implemented yet.

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Santosh Kasula
Santosh Kasula on 14 Aug 2014
Do you mean adding an existing Cody Coursework problem to an assignment? If so, when viewing a problem you will have an option to copy the problem to an assignment. Find the following screenshots:

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