Is there a way to get the addresses of each and every currently open help/documentation browser tab?

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PS on 30 Aug 2021
Commented: PS on 12 Oct 2021
I frequently have to reboot and have quite a few documentation browser tabs open that I'll want to reopen once I get MATLAB opened again. My goal is to automate the process below.
Edit: I failed to clarify that it is the querying step that I can't do. Saving return values and then iteratively restoring documentation pages using "doc <cmdName>" straightforward enough.
Using finish.m:
  1. Query MATLAB for what help browser tabs are currently open <-- How can you do this?
  2. Save the returned addresses or topic names to a file
Using startup.m:
  1. Open help browser
  2. Open the previously created file and iterate through it, restoring the help browser tabs one by one

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Mike Susedik
Mike Susedik on 28 Sep 2021
Edited: Mike Susedik on 28 Sep 2021
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I have the same goals as Peyton. I'd like to reboot and reopen the same help browser tabs, similar to what is done with ".m" files in the editor. Maybe this is a product suggestion for future release.
A possible answer -
I did notice if the command is saved as favorite in the browser the command to reopen the file is made available when the save comes up. ie, "web(fullfile(docroot, 'matlab/ref/rmmissing.html?s_tid=doc_srchtitle'))" will reopen the "rmmissing" help tab again. A brute force method might be to make the command a favorite, copy the web command from the save popup window and put it in a ".m" file and run it. I think that would work, just clumsy..




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