How to load matrix variables as constant on Simulink?

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관웅 윤 am 26 Aug. 2021
Kommentiert: 관웅 윤 am 31 Aug. 2021
I am trying to load matrix variables on simulink as constant value from '.mat' file. Is it possible to load MATLAB variables on Simulink and use it as constant block value? All variables are N-d array. I found that there are several ways to load a variable on Simulink such as "From File Block" or "Input Port", but It did not work for my project.

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Jonas am 26 Aug. 2021
Load the .mat file into the Base Workspace of MATLAB, and in Simulink use the From Workspace block to enter the variable name there.
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Jonas am 30 Aug. 2021
Bearbeitet: Jonas am 30 Aug. 2021
Ah, if your Matrix is just a time-invariant constant, you can use a 'Constant' block, and as a value enter the name of your matrix variable. The From Workspace block is to read and sample a variable from the base workspace, so indeed the purpose is different.
Like here, I have the variable 'decimation' in the base workspace and I can just use it in my model through a Constant block.
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관웅 윤 am 31 Aug. 2021
Wow, It works well. Thank you!!

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