How to access Simscape variables and intermediates via commandline while simulating

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I want to simulate a big network with more than 100 simscape components. I'm building it with a routine, where the network is specified in a text script. For the network I need to specify some events, for example: When the battery SOC is lower than 10%, open the switch no. 12. And many more. I really don't care with what instance I am controlling these. Stateflow would be cool, but then I need to connect every single variable output with the stateflow chart, and thats going to be messy and not easy to program. Even if I would use FROM-TO function. I also thought to use one simscape component which is only there to run the events. But that's the same thing, lots of simulink lines.
So my question is: Can I use a MATLAB script where am able to access calculated variables and intermediates while simulating? I would use the set_param command to then send a 0 to the switch. Here is an example what network I'm talking about. Each Simscape component is embedded in a subsystem.
This is the inside of one of the subsystems:
Thank you for answering!

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Sabin am 18 Mär. 2023
From R2023a it is possible to use the Probe block to access the same variables that you can see in the simulation data log.

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